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PTO Officers

Connie Norcutt

Vice President:
Laura Pronti

Karen Jones

Beth Russ

Past-President Advisor:
Beth Walsh

Welcome to the CCA PTO website

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at Christian Central Academy (CCA) is a fellowship existing to help one another in our Christian service as parents and guardians of CCA students. Our mission is to support the Board of Directors, administration, faculty, staff and students by using our gifts, abilities and resources to provide programs and activities that are consistent with the mission statement of Christian Central Academy.

Mission Statement of Christian Central Academy:
Where all may grow “ wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” Luke 2:52

Every parent and guardian of a CCA student is a member of the PTO and is encouraged to support PTO’s programs to the best of their ability through prayers and participation. There are no dues involved with membership. Financial support is generated solely from PTO-sponsored fundraising projects and donations.

The PTO Governing Board conducts monthly meetings, to which all parents and guardians of CCA students are welcome to attend. The PTO is governed by established By-Laws, which serve as guidelines to ensure faithful service and stewardship by our leadership. Routine business at monthly meetings may include: progress reports on fundraising projects; hospitality events at CCA; prayer and encouragement ministry; funding needs for CCA; social and educational events for CCA; and special projects as they arise.

In all matters, the Bible is our authority. We endeavor to evaluate all affairs concerning our organization with the eyes of Christ, because God is truth. (Ephesians 4:1-3)

This active organization is entirely volunteer-driven. Each of our events is headed up and staffed by parent volunteers, each using our special gifts and talents to honor God and serve CCA. Please prayerfully consider where you can get involved! Visit our calendar of events and volunteer opportunities by clicking here